HiPP is Germany’s leading manufacturer of baby food. The more than 130 organic varieties of cooked purees and meals for toddlers in little glass jars, as well as HiPP’s milk and dairy products, cookies, and soft drinks for small children, are mainly sold in Europe and Asia market. 

As a pioneer of organic farming, Claus Hipp had to do a great deal to raise awareness. Today, HiPP is the largest processor of organic-biological raw materials worldwide.

HiPP has been working with WIT on China organic product certification since 2013, with certified products of Cereals and Purees and their supply chain.
HiPP’s first time of cooperation with WIT, 8 kinds of HiPP organic baby cereal rice products are certified as China organic products.

Market is blooming, organic puree canned food for infants and young children are in the certification scope in 2016. HiPP’s new China organic product certificate was issued by WIT.
HiPP’s Organic infant formula milk powder, follow-on formula milk powder, toddler formula milk powder were certified. 

HiPP’s organic pouch puree series products. Firstly certified as China organic products in 2019.
Cooperated with WIT, HiPP is consistently keeping the validity for China organic product certificates, supporting their market plan in the future. 

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